Solicitors Network

Who needs to be part of a network ? Anyone ? No one ? Some firms but not others ? Individual lawyers ? 


We, National Solicitors, consider ourselves to be a Pick n' Mix type solution for law firms and lawyers. What do we mean ? Quite simply you decide which elements of our service you require.


The shopping list, to continue the metaphor, consists of the following;


 Marketing support (website, fliers, advertising, SEO)

 Branding in general

 Outsourced Cashiers

 Outsourcing COLP & COFA roles

 CPD support

 Preferential PII rates 

 Information on firms Buying or Selling 

 Individual lawyers looking to fee share


The firm or individual can opt in on a variety of different services.


The fee to join the network isn't prohibitive, at £250 + VAT per month, and you take a view on which aspects of our service are relevant to you or your practice. One or two. Various. All. You decide.


Maybe you take the perspective that we'll simply provide the Website, and new web clients, and you decide whether to use us, in the future, as a function of whether you like us and feel you can trust us.


In a nutshell we see the Solicitors Network as being a way to make law firms more productive and profitable. It's a competitive business world and we'd suggest it makes sense that firms look for any commercial advantage they can hook into.    


To chat through a potential scenario please either call us on 0845 603 0708 or complete the form on the right and we'll call you back to discuss matters further.




National Solicitors

Solicitors Network

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Jon Hilton

Marketing for Solicitors

We are simply a branding and online marketing solution for solicitors. One that emphasises a firms strengths and provides clients with the reassurance you're part of a Nationwide network.


Additionally we can help with Buying & Selling Law Firms, Case Management Software, Fee Sharing, Legal Cashiers, Property Searches, Recruitment & provide PII Quotes... We're a mechanism to help law firms, and solicitors, focus on fee earning. Simple.

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0345 603 0708