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Fee Sharing Opportunities, Conveyancing Enquiries & Google.



Where are we up to as ? Well....

We're receiving a steady supply of Fee Sharing Enquiries.... which we're offering to our member firms. You cherry pick the situations that appeal to your firm. A win win for all concerned. Read on...


We've had a huge spike in Conveyancing Enquiries (the market seems to be back on track) and we're looking for new law firms to join us. It could add an extra £150,000 to £300,000 onto your turnover. Interested ?

As ever we're constantly picking up new First Page Positions on Google for our client websites.

Fee Sharing


We believe that legal services will follow the same route as financial services in that there'll be self employed lawyers working underneath "umbrella" firms.

Our role is to match up individual lawyers (PI or Conveyancing or Litigation, etc) with the law firms we work with.


That "match up" may happen due to the personalities involved, the law firms specialisms or the deal the law firm offers the lawyer. Or all three.


From a law firms perspective if we can introduce an individual lawyer who provides your firm with an income of, say, £30,000 per annum... hopefully that's a good thing.


The more lawyers we introduce to you the more your firms income increases.


Worth a chat to go through the details ?



As part of the network we have a nominal initial fee (which we're waiving 'till we get 20 firms onboard) and we charge £250 + VAT per month.


In return we create a marketing website for yourselves (all SEO'd up to the gills) with the aim of getting you more web based clients. We'll also manage your Social Networking (predominantly Twitter) needs.


You then pick from our shopping list of services and decide what you want from us. Cheaper PII premiums, CPD, outsourced COLP, COFA, integrated Branding, Cashiers, Fee Sharing opportunities, etc etc.


Please call either myself or our Sales Manager, Rebecca Jackson, for more details.

Finally, (it's a regular feature of my emails) I'm supposed to add a "call to action" hence I'll go with the tried and tested, "don't delay, call today !"



Jon Hilton

Legal Brokers Ltd

Tel; 0845 603 0708

PS. For those interested in aviation I set the unofficial record for flying a microlight from the UK to Canada & back. There's pictures at (head to the Read More of My Story, tab). In summary... a very stressful experience.

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Jon Hilton

Marketing for Solicitors

We are simply a branding and online marketing solution for solicitors. One that emphasises a firms strengths and provides clients with the reassurance you're part of a Nationwide network.


Additionally we can help with Buying & Selling Law Firms, Case Management Software, Fee Sharing, Legal Cashiers, Property Searches, Recruitment & provide PII Quotes... We're a mechanism to help law firms, and solicitors, focus on fee earning. Simple.

Legal Brokers Ltd,
The Old Police Station,
1 Turton Rd,
BL8 4AW.

0345 603 0708