Outsourced Legal Cashiers

Feel like money is disappearing down the drain and are considering using Outsourced Legal Cashiers ?


Many law firms are looking at ways to reduce their costs and outsource a range of services to third parties. Such activities as COLP & COFA and Cashiers are easily outsourced.


Using technology solicitors of all sizes are using "virtual book keepers" to compartmentalise their business and reduce overheads.


The outsourced service can accommodate;


 Audit trails  

 Banking reconciliation

 General book keeping

 Management information

 PAYE returns

 VAT calculations & payment


Our team would work to a fixed fee so you can budget according to the existing demands of your business and it's requirements. 


The added benefits are that you're reducing your staffing costs and IT requirements. We'll simply provide the service without headaches and hassles.


Our staff are knowledgeable in the requirements of law practices and comply with the Solicitors Accounts Rules.  


In the first instance please call 0845 603 0708 or complete the form on the right or contact us via answers@nationalsolicitors.com and we'll discuss outsourcing your legal cashiers, the benefits that will bring, and the costs involved.



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Outsourced Legal Cashiers

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