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Although driving offences are comparatively minor when compared with other parts of the law, without the right legal help they can still have serious repercussions. Our Scarborough driving solicitors can provide the legal advice and expertise you need.


Below are a few of the matters we have dealt with in the past;


 Dangerous driving and careless driving

 Drink driving

 Driving bans

 Driving license points

 Driving under the influence of drugs (drug driving)

 Driving without insurance


 Using a mobile phone while driving


Our Scarborough driving solicitors can't change the law, nor can we alter the facts of your case. What we can do is mount a strong case for keeping any potential punishments to a minimum.


We understand that being without a driving license can mean a lack of freedom, a loss of independence, and can even affect your income. Our motoring experts can use arguments such as these to help keep you on the road.


Whether you have been caught speeding, are facing a drink driving allegation, or stand accused of using a mobile phone at the wheel, our specialists are ready to assist.


Whatever the accusation our team will treat you as a motorist, not a criminal.


Legal Aid is only available to those facing the most serious motoring offences. If you do not qualify for financial assistance we will do what we can to offer a quote for our services which fits your legal needs as well as your budget.


If you need the assistance of our Scarborough driving solicitors, speak to our team today to discuss your circumstances.


You can reach us directly using the number below, or complete the online enquiry form to the right and one of our motoring experts will call you back.



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Our solicitors are experts in the field of criminal law, and can assist with the following matters;


Court attendance, driving offences, drug crime, fraud, police interview, sex offence allegations, violent crime and assault.


Speak to our team in confidence to find out more.

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