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If you are accused of a crime and been asked to attend a police station for questioning, it is important to contact our Scarborough police interview solicitors as soon as possible. Our criminal defence team will do what they can to help put your mind at ease and provide the legal assistance you need.


Below are some of the accusations you may need our assistance with;



 Child abuse allegations

 Domestic violence

 Drug offences


 GBH, ABH and assault

 Murder and manslaughter

 Rape and sex offences


It is important to contact our Scarborough police interview solicitors even if you think the allegation is a minor one, or if you think the case is unlikely to progress much further.


This is because anything you say when questioned under caution at a police station can impact the outcome of your case, and without the right legal advice even a minor accusation can sometimes spiral into something much larger.


Our criminal defence team know that this can be a worrying time, and they will do what they can to help make the process as pain free as it can be.


As well as offering their professional advice, our specialists will also talk you through the legal process, so you will know just what to be prepared for.


We can also represent you at the Crown Court or Magistrate's Court, if you must face a court case.


To find out more about our Scarborough police interview solicitors, speak to our team in complete confidence. You can call us using the number below, or enter your details into the form to the right and one of our police station lawyers will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.



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Our solicitors are experts in the field of criminal law, and can assist with the following matters;


Court attendance, driving offences, drug crime, fraud, police interview, sex offence allegations, violent crime and assault.


Speak to our team in confidence to find out more.

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