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The sentences handed out for drug offences vary massively depending on the type and quantity of substance involved. Our Scarborough drug solicitors have the expertise to assist, whatever the scale of the allegation.


Below are some of the matters you might need our assistance with;


 Cultivation of cannabis

 Drug driving (driving under the influence)

 Offences involving Class A substances


 Smuggling / trafficking



Drugs law changes quickly due to the increasing prevalence of so-called 'legal highs,' and substances are routinely being reclassified. Our drug solicitors keep abreast of such changes to ensure they are always ahead of the field.


Our specialists are able to handle your case whether the allegation is a recent one, or whether you are already facing a court case.


We can offer professional advice, explain the legal process in detail, and provide you with expert representation at the local Magistrate's Court or Crown Court.


Some cases, such as those involving trafficking, can be especially complex as they can involve other organisations such as HMRC. Our experts are used to dealing with third parties such as these, and no case is too complicated for our lawyers to handle.


Whether you have been found in possession of a Class A substance, have been accused of drug possession, or are facing a drug driving accusation, our experts are waiting for your call.


If you need the assistance of our Scarborough drug solicitors, contact our team today in complete confidence.


You can speak to us directly using the telephone number below, or enter your details into the online form to the right and one of our lawyers will call you back as soon as possible.



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Our solicitors are experts in the field of criminal law, and can assist with the following matters;


Court attendance, driving offences, drug crime, fraud, police interview, sex offence allegations, violent crime and assault.


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