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If you have a dispute which needs resolving, contact our Skegness litigation solicitors today. They are experts when it comes to dispute resolution.


It is our experience that many disputes can be resolved without the need for court action. Our lawyers are experienced negotiators and can often settle matters out of court using mediation and compromise.


This is always our first plan of attack, as the process of going to court is expensive, lengthy and stressful, so is treated as a last resort by our solicitors.


On occasion a client approaches us who wishes to pursue court action without exploring these other ways of resolving the matter.


When this happens we will explain the pitfalls and potential risks of starting a court action. We will then decide upon the best way to progress the matter, taking the clients' requests into account.


If your case can be settled without going to court, that's great, but sometimes this is not possible. If your case should progress to court, our legal team will explain to you all the hazards associated with the process.


For example, courts often demand that the losing party pays the legal fees of the winning side. Our team will assess the likelihood of such risks occurring and will only proceed with the matter once you have understood all the potential pitfalls and agree to go ahead.


Our Skegness litigation lawyers are supremely qualified when it comes to court action, so whatever happens you can be assured you have expert representation on your side.


Below are a few disputes our team have dealt with in the past;


 Boundary and other property disputes

 Contract disputes

 Professional negligence

 Wills and probate disputes


If you require assistance with any of these matters, or any other, call our team today to find out how our Skegness litigation solicitors can help.


You can call us directly on the number below, or complete the form on the right and we will call you back as soon as possible.



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Skegness Solicitors

Our highly trained Skegness solicitors assist with the following areas of law;


Accident compensation claims, conveyancing, criminal defence, divorce, employment law, immigration, litigation and disputes, and Wills and probate.


Call us today to find out more.

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