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Administering the Estate of a loved one following their death is never a pleasant experience. Our Skegness probate solicitors do whatever they can to make the process as easy as possible.


It is possible, with the right knowledge and sufficient time, to complete the probate process yourself, but enlisting the help of expert lawyers will make the procedure that much quicker and easier.


Below are some of the steps involved in completing probate. We will;


 Contact and banks, building societies or other organisations to confirm the value of the Estate

 Complete tax returns, and calculate the Inheritance Tax bill

 Settle any debts, provided there are sufficient funds available

 Allocate the assets to family, friends and charities, as set out in the Will


Our lawyers can also assist with Power of Attorney cases. Whatever your query, get in touch today.




Our Skegness probate solicitors always recommend their clients leave a Will. Below are a few of the reasons you might want to consider writing yours;


 You can decide who gets what, meaning close friends or important charities won't miss out

 You can express who you wish to look after any children or dependents in the event of your death

 With careful planning you may be able to minimise your Inheritance Tax bill

 Cohabiting couples do not automatically inherit as civil partners and married couples do


Once you have written your Will it is important to keep it updated, especially if you undergo any major changes in life.


For example if you marry, remarry, get divorced or have children your Will should be updated. If it is not, it may be deemed invalid.


Whether you are dealing with the Estate of a relative or simply need to update your Will, our Skegness probate solicitors are ready for your call.


You can call our team directly on the number below, or complete the online form to the right and we will call you back.



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Our highly trained Skegness solicitors assist with the following areas of law;


Accident compensation claims, conveyancing, criminal defence, divorce, employment law, immigration, litigation and disputes, and Wills and probate.


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