Start a law firm

Are you looking to start a law firm and want help setting up ?


There are a myriad of issues to address here, starting from;


  • What areas of law are you looking to practice ?
  • Do you need support with the Application process ?
  • Have you considered the Colp & Cofa requirements ?
  • What timeframe are you working to ? 
  • Will you establish your own brand and logo's etc ?
  • Will you need a website ?
  • Do you want to promote that website via Search Engine Optimisation, to generate work ?
  • Have you a Case Management Software package in mind ?

  • What are your requirements in terms of Cashiers ? ie. software v's outsourced cashiers

  • Will you be requiring Recruitment support ?

  • Do you want support with generating fresh income / new cases ? 

Would you be interested in Fee Sharing / Consultant Solicitors working under your brand ? Solicitors with their own following can offer an attractive way of growing your business without having to provide basic salaries, sick pay etc. There's a bigger conversation to be had here.


From a Case Management Software perspective, the day to day running of your business, the software package should allow you to;


 Access all correspondance relating to each matter.
 Send emails and forward documents via Outlook and Word, etc.
 Look through critical dates, tasks and your calendar.
 Create, edit and view time entries.
 Be able to amend the workflow processes and create your own bespoke system.
 Allow you to contact pre-existing clients with SRA approved mailshots. 
There are a lot of items to work through here and we can help with all of them. If you'd like to discuss setting up and starting a law firm in greater detail please do not hesitate to contact us.

Starting a Law Firm

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Marketing for Solicitors

We are simply a branding and online marketing solution for solicitors. One that emphasises a firms strengths and provides clients with the reassurance you're part of a Nationwide network.


Additionally we can help with Buying & Selling Law Firms, Case Management Software, Fee Sharing, Legal Cashiers, Property Searches, Recruitment & provide PII Quotes... We're a mechanism to help law firms, and solicitors, focus on fee earning. Simple.

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