GV Hale, Bail & Criminal Defence Solicitors, Doncaster

We are specialist Criminal Defence and Bail Solicitors covering the BarnsleyDoncaster, Sheffield and Scunthorpe areas.


At the same time we also provide a nationwide coverage both through our own inhouse team and our associates dotted around the country. Whilst we are usually paid via the Legal Aid mechanism we can also provide advice on privately paid work.


Being arrested, or the prospect of being arrested, is a daunting thought. We understand that and try to appreciate your situation from the onset. We offer free consultations and will try our best to help.


We provide a 7 day a week, 24 hour a day, service and in general terms we can provide support on a range of matters including;


 Animal Cruelty



 Benefit Fraud



 Child Neglect

 Computer Crime

 Criminal Damage

 Dangerous Dogs Offences

 Domestic Violence

 Drink Driving

 Drugs Offences



 Motoring and Speeding matters



 Threatening Behaviour

 Public Order

 Rape and Sexual Offences


Additionally we can help companies who are facing questions regards Organised Crime, Money Laundering, Seizure of assets, Health & Safety investigations, Hygiene offences and Corporate manslaughter.


Remember if you need help with a criminal matter shout, "HALE for BAIL !"



The Johnson Partnership

Criminal Defence & Bail Solicitors

Barnsley, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Sheffield


Please note, GV Hale is now part of The Johnson Partnership. 

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"Hale for Bail !"

We specialise in dealing with Criminal Defence matters throughout the country and can arrange representation where ever you find yourself.... 


We don't just represent our Barnsley, Doncaster, Scunthorpe & Sheffield clients !


Whether yours is a criminal, fraud, violent crime or bail matter we can help. 

The Johnson Partnership,
Legal Chambers,
70 Waterdale,

01159 419141
Defence Chambers,
53 Laneham St,
DN15 6PB

01724 859992

News Feed
Custodial sentences at lowest level for decade
Recent figures have revealed that despite rising crime the number of convicted criminals who are sent directly to jail is at its lowest level for a decade. In 2018, 75,800 people, who were found guilty, received custodial sentences, down from more than 80,700 in 2009. A drop of approximately 6%.
While during the same period there has been a rise of 12% in fines as judges are opting for softer sentencing options.

Dec 16 2019 read more >
Calls to stop hard shoulders becoming live lanes, after deaths

Badra Ahmed begged Highways England to stop turning "hard shoulders" into "live lanes" after an inquest heard that her husband, Jamil, had "no where to go" at the point his car broke down on the M6. 


At the inquest into his death Mrs Ahmed, 38, stated that "similar deaths could happen again" which prompted Highways England to suggest that, "it's always possible". 

Nov 27 2019 read more >
Only one in thirteen cases generate a conviction

Unfortunate official statistics suggest that only half as many crimes are being solved as four years ago. And within that statistic less than one case in 13 is leading to a conviction. 

Oct 30 2019 read more >
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Portal website for small claims goes online: https://t.co/Lz0F1mW21b
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