Fraud Specialists

Fraud is a complex and complicated area.


It may well be that if you've been accused of fraud that investigation proceedings have been ongoing for some time. At the point at which you are subsequently questioned you will then be asked to recall a whole range of issues for which you may not be prepared.


It sounds a basic thing to say but at this point we would most definitely recommend that you contact a solicitor.


We can provide assistance with the following areas of fraud...


 Benefit fraud

 VAT fraud

 Bankruptcy offences

 Fraudulent trading

 Money Laundering


At the initial interview with the authorities you may well feel like you're being clobbered. You may be made to feel guilty from the onset.


Having someone on your side to provide advice and support can be invaluable. We will work with you to make sure your defence is organised, clear, fully thought through and well presented.




GV Hale & Co

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